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Tax-Brain is an integrator model for PSL tax models

Tax-Brain makes it easy to simulate the US tax system by providing a single interface for multiple tax models. Currently, Tax-Brain interfaces with Tax-Calculator and Behavior-Response. Additional models will be added in the near future to expand Tax-Brain's capabilities. COMP is currently running Tax-Brain version 2.1.2.

User Tips

  • Toggle the CPI control to indicate whether a parameter should be adjusted for inflation.
  • DO NOT use commas as thousands separators.
  • Express rates as decimals.
  • You can specify values for years after the Start Year with the * operator. For example, if you enter 0.1, *, 0.2 in a tax rate field, the rate will be 10 percent in the Start Year, 10 percent a year after the Start Year, and 20 percent two years after the Start Year and forward.
  • You may specify a parameter change in the year before the Start Year with the < operator. For example, if you set the Start Year as 2018 and a Parameter Indexing Offset parameter to <,-0.0025 then this sets the Offset to -0.0025 in 2017.
  • At this time, modifying the CPI offset parameter and toggling the CPI button on any parameter will cause your simulation to fail. This is due to a bug in one of the underlying tax models and is currently being fixed.

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