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Large-scale open source overlapping generations model of U.S. fiscal policy

OG-USA is an overlapping-generations (OG) model of the economy of the United States (USA) that allows for dynamic general equilibrium analysis of federal tax policy. The model output focuses changes in macroeconomic aggregates (GDP, investment, consumption), wages, interest rates, and the stream of tax revenues over time. Documentation of the model theory--its output, and solution method--is available here and is regularly updated. Documentation for the Python API for OG-USA is available here.## DisclaimerThe model is currently under development. Users should be forewarned that themodel components could change significantly. Therefore, there is NO GUARANTEEOF ACCURACY. THE CODE SHOULD NOT CURRENTLY BE USED FOR PUBLICATIONS, JOURNALARTICLES, OR RESEARCH PURPOSES. Essentially, you should assume the calculations are unreliable until we finish the code re-architecture and have checked the results against other existing implementations of the tax code. The package will have released versions, which will be checked against existing code prior to release. Stay tuned for an upcoming release!

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